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Belt Backpack Hanger Clip

Belt Backpack Hanger Clip

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Gear up smartly for your next adventure with this reliable and practical accessory. Order now and experience the convenience of our Outdoor Military Nylon Belt Backpack Hanger Clip.Description:

Gear up for your outdoor adventures with our Outdoor Military Nylon Belt Backpack Hanger Clip. This versatile accessory combines practicality with durability, making it an essential addition to your camping, hiking, or EDC (Everyday Carry) gear.


Strong and Breathable: Featuring a robust double-layer 2.5 polypropylene webbing construction, this clip provides strong support while allowing for breathability. The easy-to-wash texture ensures hassle-free maintenance and offers cushioning protection.

Advanced Technology Fabrics: Crafted with advanced technology fabrics, this hanger clip exhibits excellent impact resistance. It is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Convenient Adjustment: Easily adjust the clip according to your needs with its convenient design, providing flexibility and ease of operation.

Vibrant and Durable: The clip is resistant to fading and rust, maintaining its bright color and durability even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Versatile Usage: This clip is not just a buckle; it's a multifunctional tool. Attach it to your belt or backpack to conveniently carry water bottles, ensuring quick access during your outdoor excursions.


  • Material: Double-layer 2.5 polypropylene webbing, plastic hook
  • Size: 14.5cmX2.5cm
  • Colors: Black, Military Green, Khaki, Red
  • Weight: 23g
  • Specifications: Widest support for a 5cm belt


This versatile product is designed to hang water bottles with convenience. Easily attach it to belts, backpacks, or other items for quick and accessible storage during your outdoor activities.

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1 * Outdoor Military Nylon Belt Backpack Hanger Clip

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