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Scrub Yoga Balls

Scrub Yoga Balls

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Get ready to roll into fitness fun with our Scrub Yoga Balls!
Our yoga balls range between 20-25cm in diameter due to the production process. Please note that sizes may vary slightly after inflation, but rest assured, it's not a quality issue – just part of the charm!

These mini balance balls are the perfect addition to your Pilates routine. Lightweight and versatile, they can be seamlessly integrated into your exercises, adding a new dimension of challenge and excitement. Pair them with your favorite Pilates pads to enhance instability and resistance, making every workout session more effective and engaging.

Whether you're focusing on abdominal exercises, stretching, or simply looking to spice up your routine, our Scrub Yoga Balls are here to elevate your fitness game. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to fresh, fun workouts that keep you coming back for more!

Material: PVC
Specifications: 20-25cm in diameter
Color: Purple, Blue, Pink, Silver

So, grab your favorite color, pump up your Scrub Yoga Ball, and get ready to bounce into a healthier, happier you!

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